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Welcome to Stylish by Design

Stylish by Design has been active on the internet for over 9 years and is part of the Pure Dash Group of jewellery websites but to make it easier for customers to find the items they want, we have collected all the most popular pieces and put them into 4 distinct sites which we have listed below.

We feel that having fewer websites it allows us to keep even more up-to-date with trends and designers and bring the best pieces of jewellery to you with even greater bargains than before!

Something else we are happy to have done is to create another couple of other websites. These are informational - one is for wonderful children's jewellery called Hello Mia and the other gives information on jewellery. Both are worth a read - especially if you are after great prices on beautiful pieces!

Shop 4 Silver

Shop 4 Silver

With having a large number of jewellery websites, we're offered some great deals from our suppliers. What we have done with Shop 4 Silver is to collect these deals together and put them under one roof, so to speak.

Everything on Shop 4 Silver is at fantastic bargain prices but note that we have limited stocks so when they're gone, they're gone. We may be able to get some more at the same prices but we can't guarantee it, I'm afraid.

Take a look at Shop 4 Silver and find some bargains!

Milton Gems

Milton Gems

Our largest jewellery website, Milton Gems holds a collection of silver jewellery and also a growing collection of pieces in silver plate and also costume jewellery. All are clearly marked to avoid confusion but we have found a lot of people like the costume / silver plated pieces for the competitive prices.

Another collection in Milton Gems is our marcasite range - the lovely black / dark grey stone that is loved by many. It catches the light in a delightful way and works especially well with evening wear.

Feel free to browse Milton Gems and take a look.

Amber Zone

The Amber Zone

At Amber Zone we have collected together a fantastic range of sterling silver jewellery set with the magnificent natural gemstone, amber.

One of our most popular sites, the items are timeless and, because amber is natural so no two pieces are the same, unique. Different colours complement the silver perfectly and you can take a choice of cognac (orange), green, cherry (red) and milky amber to complement your outfit.

Giftwrap is available if you wish to give something as a present.

Browse Amber Zone and see why people love it so much.

Children's jewellery shop

Children's Jewellery Shop

Girls and boys love jewellery as well and this website is targetted towards children and there is an eye catching range that is guaranteed to please youngsters.

The majority of the items are silver but there is also some gold/white gold in the Christening range that is available.

A popular part of the site are the beads - they are silver and coloured enamel and fit on special bracelets or neck chains. Each of the beads have different designs and can be collected so a unique piece of jewellery can be made and altered as desired.

Visit Children's Jewellery Shop to take a look.

Something else we have decided to do is have a little tips and help section down at the bottom of this page - an example of what we will be adding is to help with improving the versatility of necklaces by adding a necklace extender. What are they? They are a 3" piece of silver chain which connects to the necklace and makes it just that little bit longer so you can use it with more outfits. Extremely handy and something that a lot of people like!